Sunday, March 20, 2011

We came, we saw, we conquered! Part I

On this third scouting expedition to Tall Timbers Research Station (TTRS), the herp experts (Russ and Kaety) helped Isis, Gena, and me hone in on locations for our three grids. In total, we spent 2.5 days scouting, and 1.5 days laying grids. We collected our first standardized questing tick datapoint, and we got leaf-litter hobos in as well so that we can begin collecting that pertinent data. In addition to the science, we met several fantastic staff at TTRS with whom we'll be working. We also met fun folks at The Den, where Gena will be lodging once she gets here.

The gang!

The Den (a.k.a. Gena's new home)

Isis working at the all-purpose table....Houston.... (a.k.a. Graham) - help me with a license # to activate these dataloggers!!!!!

What awesome gear!

Hobos are installed!

Yummmm....the sweet taste of a job well done!