Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cold Winters at SRS!

Hey everyone! We have been running the SRS site once a month since November and its going great. Our camera batteries are still at 2/3 bars, pitfalls are closed up (no lizards :(  ), weather station is fixed and re-mounted (HOORAY!!!)[what has everyone else's rain collector been reading? Ours says it's working but has zeros... I don't know what is up with that], and we are still trapping small and medium mammals. 

So some interesting things from our trip so far:

-A mouse with a larvae on it's ear!
- The most adult I. scaps flagged at one site ever! But, no adults at the other two sites. It was very windy at the other flaggings. How does wind and barometric pressure affect ticks (there's a storm coming this way)?
-AND we flagged a nymph!

Talk to you all soon!