Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ft. McCoy Phase 3

Hi Gang!
It has been a bit drier this trap phase, but we are still pulling ticks off of everything. These photos are of a Short-tailed shrew with ticks on his legs. Also, because we are interested in knowing if our shrews are recaptures, we have instituted the "butt cut". To administer a butt cut, simply place your shrew head first into a screw top tube with back end sticking out. Take a scissors, and gently snip/shave off the hair above the tail (rump area). We do not know how fast the hair grows back, but we hope that this will help us to identify recaptures at least through the next trap phase. Another new addition to our site this time are the refugia that Russ suggested in the pitfalls. We used vitamin bottles/peanut butter containers/nut containers, and were not able to initially place refugia in all of them. The animals seem to prefer being in them, if they are present.
Hope all is well with everyone!

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